St.Mary the Virgin

 'Worshipping God, Growing in Faith, Serving the Community'

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Mission Statement

Our mission as a PCC is to ‘worship God, Grow in Faith and Serve the community’.  God is at the centre of all we do both in the church family, and in the wider parish.  The PCC’s aim is for the Church to be a prominent presence in village life.

In response to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and with a willingness to be ‘Shaped by God’, we commit ourselves to the love of God in Christ in the belief that this is for all people and places, and that in partnership with each other we seek, with help from God gracious Spirit to:

  1. Support each other in living and declaring the Christian life,
  2. Communicate effectively within and beyond our church buildings,
  3. Work for Christian unity, valuing all peoples opinions and approaches,
  4. Make and maintain contact with all interest groups in the community,
  5. Facilitate and provide warm, welcoming worship centres, efficiently and effectively organised for mission and ministry


These things we will do whist upholding faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ; working in the power of the Holy spirit; and knowing that we are blessed by the love of God the Father.


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